Our Signature 5-Step Exterior Cleaning Process [infographic]

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Beautifying home exteriors with soft washing is what we do at Pristine Safe Roof and Exterior Cleaning. We use a signature 5-step process that gets incredible results. Here’s a closer look at each step and what it involves.

Our Signature 5-Step Exterior Cleaning Process

  1. Prepare—Our priority is protecting your property and preventing damage. Before cleaning, we’ll assess your property and determine if there are any delicate surfaces or plants we should be mindful of.
  2. Hydrate—Another thing we do before we start cleaning is hydrate all of the plants near the area that will be cleaned. With thorough water dilution, your plants can be kept at a neutral pH level when soft washing occurs.
  3. Service—After we assess your property and hydrate all your plants, we can begin cleaning. We always work from top to bottom and then left to right to ensure we fully clean and sanitize every surface.
  4. Rejuvenate—We will hydrate your plants even more after we’re done cleaning. We’ll also spray them with our proprietary plant-care solution that helps your landscaping continue to thrive.
  5. Clean Up—Once we’re done with everything, we’ll roll up our hoses and put them back on our service vehicle. We’ll also collect the rest of our equipment, as well as any debris and trash that accumulated during the cleaning process. Our goal is to leave your property cleaner than we found it!

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