How It Works

We will take great caution to ensure your home and landscape receive the highest levels of care.

At Pristine Safe Roof and Exterior Cleaning, we are not merely focused on the environment because of political and social trends. We wholeheartedly believe we should simply pass on our earth to the next generation better than how we found it. Because of this core belief, we utilize cleaning compounds that are biodegradable, water-based, and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds). Not only that, but these cleaning solutions are all non-hazardous and fossil fuel-free, and through our vigilant training and operating protocols, we are a leading example of environmental stewardship.

Our Signature 5-Step Exterior Cleaning Process

We will take great caution to ensure your home and landscape receive the highest levels of care. Softwashing is a technique that is much gentler on surfaces, but tough on damaging bacteria and grime. We use far less pressure than conventional power washing because the high PSI can cause serious damage to surfaces and does not rid the environment of the gloeocapsa magma bacterium, the real culprit behind the degradation that is often found in union with mold, lichens, fungi, moss, and mildew.

Our primary cleaning solution is sodium hypochlorite (bleach), which is the #1 recommended cleaning agent by both the WHO and CDC. Bleach is also a perfectly naturally occurring solution and is formed all the time when lighting strikes the ocean. During our cleaning process, we divert as much runoff as possible, and we have a dedicated team member whose sole responsibility is keeping your plants and landscape hydrated with water to dilute the solution. After we finish, we will walk the entire area where we cleaned to spray Plant Wash, neutralizing the pH of the solution and feeding beneficial bacteria back into your plants.

Our service is a simple 5-step process:

  1. Prepare your property
  2. Hydrate all plants in the area, including grass
  3. Begin our cleaning service
  4. Rejuvenate your plants with our proprietary Plant Wash solution
  5. Clean up and leave your property better than how we found it

Find out more about our whole process here.